terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

'more than a Feeling

' Yesterday ..
Sunday 28/02/11 at 11:00 am *-*
i see my love >.<
was missing a lot , i know i like you very much ..
and that every moment with you is enough not to be forgotten .!
right now i want to make all reality, our reality .. *-*
do not be afraid of people beacuse we are living our lives ..
you're beautiful , has an incredible personality and proud of it' !
you're everything to me, and i'll take care of you .. ><
do not be afraid of what people think about you , beacuse only those who know you,
know who you are.!
i'm in love with you , and do not know how i'll prove it's true ..  ;s
but i know one thing , it depends on me, it's been forever .. !
know that person , that touches inside , do not you stop to think a moment'
that person, you want for you , Only for you'  that's what i am feeling right now
being with you is what matters most to me now .. !

" Right here' , Right now , 
i'm looking at you and my heart loves that view
cause you mean everything .
Right here, I Promise you somehow
that tomorrow can wait' some other day to be
But right now there's You and Me' . !"

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